Football Visit

Yesterday we were lucky to have two AFLW players visit our school. Paige Scott is a local to Maryborough and has been drafted to Essendon this year. In round one Paige earned the NAB AFLW Rising Star nomination after an outstanding debut against Hawthorn, where she recorded 16 disposals, 10 kicks and a goal. Paige also bought along teammate Maddy Prespakis who left Carlton at the end of last season to join Essendon. Paige and Maddy spoke to the students about training and how to get ready for EBT. The AFLW players talked about getting plenty of sleep, eating good foods to fuel their bodies and moving regularly by running or bike riding. The students had a great time talking to the players and having a kick of the football. 

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Energy Break through Sponsorship

At St. Augustine’s School we focus on the attainment and honing of leadership skills. Students are encouraged with support, to take control of their own skill acquisition and development. One of the ways we help our students’ facilitate this is through our participation in the Energy Breakthrough Program, which this year takes place 16th -20th November, in our school’s home town of Maryborough. This is our town’s biggest annual event and here at St. Augustine’s, we throw our full support behind this amazing opportunity for our students and our town.

The Energy Breakthrough website is worth a look to find out more about this remarkable program.
The Energy Breakthrough provides opportunities for students, teachers, parents and local industries to work together to design and construct a vehicle that represents an ‘Energy Breakthrough’. Students then compete in a series of races. This event aims to provide an opportunity for females to participate in what has traditionally been ‘male’ dominated areas of the curriculum. The EB program promotes leadership and encourages participants to examine
and use the latest technology while considering its impact on the environment.

In 2022, St. Augustine’s School will be in its twenty-ninth year of participation. This year we have entered two Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) teams, two Try-Athlon teams and four Pushcart teams. Our school is unique with our Energy Breakthrough Program in that every Year 5/6 student participates in the event, not just ‘the fastest’ or ‘the fittest’.

We are once again looking for significant community support from local businesses and families as we look to build our Energy Breakthrough Program. Through your very generous support, we will be able to offer our students a program to gain the full benefit of their hard work and dedication.

If you would like to be part of this exciting EBT program we would welcome your contribution. Attached are our sponsorship options, for your consideration.

Emma Ryan
Sports Coordinator
St. Augustine’s Primary School
ph: 03 5460 4440

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Mask recommendation

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Bread Bag for School Play Equipment

THANK YOU to all that have contributed!

We have 1500 points to spend on sports equipment next term!

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If you call the office and the phone is unattended or busy, please leave a message. Messages are checked regularly throughout the day. Often there is only one person in the office and they may be busy on another call or with a student or parent.  Alternatively you can email a message through to or send a class dojo through to Ms O'Kearney.  Please try and avoid last minute end of day changes for students. We understand that things do come up and if a change needs to be urgently relayed to your child/ren, please call and speak with the office so we can make sure they get the message immediately.  

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Bell times

5 minutes prior to classes commencing there is music played. This signals to the children it is time to start moving to class. This is the time children need to have a drink, go to the toilet etc. so they are lined up and ready to start class when the bell goes. 

8:30am - Yard Care Supervision begins

8:40am  -  Classroom teacher in classroom - meet & greet

8:55pm - School classes begin

9am-11am - 2 hour learning session

11am-11:40am -  First break

11:40am-1:40pm - 2 hour learning session

1:40pm-2:20pm - Second break

2:20pm-3:15pm - 55 minute learning session

3:10pm - Fiscalini & Flanagan dismissal

3:15pm - Arundell & Scanlan, Bus students dismissal

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Students with underlying conditions

Recent and most up to date information for children in schools:

Students with underlying conditions (such as hay fever or asthma)

If a student has persistent symptoms due to an underlying condition such as hay fever or asthma, the student should still be tested for COVID-19 if they develop symptoms that are different to or worse than their usual symptoms. Students whose symptoms are clearly typical for their underlying condition can continue to attend school.

Parents/carers should also consider getting a medical certificate from the child’s treating GP to confirm that it is safe for them to attend school with persistent symptoms that may overlap with some of the symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough or runny nose.

Young children with persistent mild symptoms

For younger children (in Prep to Year 2) who have had a negative COVID-19 test that was taken after they developed symptoms, the decision about return to school should be made in conjunction with the child’s treating GP. If the GP is satisfied the child has recovered from their acute illness, is otherwise well and does not need a repeat COVID-19 test, the child can return even if they are not completely free of symptoms. Any worsening of symptoms will require review and repeat COVID-19 testing, if considered appropriate by the doctor.

Students with a negative COVID-19 test whose symptoms have completely resolved do not need a medical certificate to return to school.

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Uniform Shop

Term 4 - Bucket Hats are compulsory when outdoors at school.

Bucket Hats are available for purchase through CDFPay or cash purchases from the school office in Term 4 for $10 each.

The uniform shop will continue to fill CDFPay online orders once a week and send them home with your child/ren. Please understand that there may be times that orders are not filled within the week and will be filled the following week.

Note: As per 2021 announcement, there is no longer a designated period for summer or winter uniform. Students can choose what they would like to wear in any season. The only exception is that sports uniform must be worn on designated sports days and bucket hats are to be worn in Term 1 and 4.

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Child Safety

St. Augustine's Primary School Maryborough demonstrates a strong commitment to the care, safety and wellbeing of all students at our school.

Each fortnight we will be sharing information around child safety and the obligations that we have as a school, staff and community.  All of our Child Safe policies and procedures are accessible on our website at

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Principals Letter

Dear St Augustine's families,              

SCHOOL WILL FINISH AT 2:30pm TOMORROW                                           


Last week, I attended the National Catholic Education Conference in Melbourne and had the opportunity to listen to some incredibly inspiring keynote speakers but also to network, learn and share the great things that are happening here at St Augustines. The theme was 'listening for the future' and the importance of listening to our children and to their innovative ideas. Technology in the future will be not as we know it now and future generations are more attuned to this than most adults now. 
A focus for us all is to re-engage with our families after the lockdowns and restrictions of COVID. Some of our families in the junior part of the school have not had the experience of being physically involved and on site.


Thank you to all who were able to turn up to the Energy Breakthrough Parent meeting last week. The turn out was fantastic and just shows we are all ready for engagement again.

This year will celebrate 30 years of this event in Maryborough.

It provides a unique opportunity for students, teachers, families and community to come together in a real life learning opportunity. 

The program encourages participants to examine and use the latest technology while considering its impact on the environment and the way people live locally and globally.  It requires a team effort and an across-the-curriculum approach.

This year we have entered 2 HPV teams, 2 Try-athalon teams and 4 pushcart teams. These teams will be busy preparing their presentations and training for this event over the next term. EBT requires parent assistance so please let Emma or the classroom teachers know if and how you can help out. 


If your child is NOT returning to St. Augustine's PS in 2023, please email  ASAP.  Our 2023 Foundation enrolments are still open so if you have a child ready for school next year or you know a family who does, please make contact with the school.  We will be looking at finalising class structures in Term 4.  

SCHOOL FAIR                                                                                            

At St Augustine's we have a school fair each year which raises money both for Caritas and our own school. In the past this had been coordinated by the Parents and Friends but the impact of restrictions on schools has meant we have had to have an in-school Fair for the children to enjoy. It has been decided that we will again this year have an in-school fair because it takes a lot of planning and pre-booking to organize it and the P&F do not have the time.

The senior children will organise and coordinate the Fair for the rest of the school to enjoy. This has great merit in the senior children being able to lead this event. Donations of small prizes, wrapped lollies, chocolates, hair spray etc will still be required. 

This year our Fair will be in the second last week of Term 4, Friday 9th December as a fun activity to finish off the year. More details to come but donations are welcome from now. 


Tomorrow is footy colours day, children can come in their footy colours and NO donation required, just a fun way to finish the term.


On the last day of term 3 we celebrate our connection to the Brigidine Sisters who have served in our school. The children will engage in activities to learn more about the Brigidine Sisters and what they stood for. Our foyer is a dedication to these wonderful nuns and their welcoming legacy.

Let us light the fire of peace, justice, concern, education,                                 

And may the gentle spirit of St Brigid give us strength and inspire us with hope and perseverance for the days and years to come, Amen 


The first Monday of Term 4 will be a pupil free day as staff will be continuing the Visible Learning professional development that was started earlier this term.

Wishing all of our families a safe, restful and enjoyable break!

Many Blessings,

Sonia Turner


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Bus Travel

Bus travel on the country buses is available for students at St Augustine’s School and arrangements are made through the bus co-ordinator, Benedict Stewart, at the Maryborough Education Centre on 5461 7900.  Parents of the student/s must organise the pass through MEC at least two days prior to travel. Students cannot travel on the country buses without a pass. The town bus does not require a pass but costs 50cents a trip, payable on the day of travel.  Please advise the office if your child will be travelling on any of the buses so we can update our bus rolls.


All bus travel requires parents/guardians to complete a Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Application for Permission to Travel form prior to any bus travel. This form can be emailed direct to Ben Stewart at MEC, It is important that this form is completed as these details will be used in the event of an emergency.

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Parking & Road Safety

There are three minute parking bays in Burke Street outside the school entrance.  Your co-operation in only parking in this area for the specified time would be appreciated.  These parking bays are for quick pick up and drop off for students leaving early due to appointments and illness.

Likewise we also ask parents to respect the parking restriction on the disabled parking area.

Parking behind the church & tennis courts is STAFF ONLY parking. Please do not use these areas to park or pickup your children. Vehicle movement in and out of these areas means you are driving over footpaths/walkways which both our students and Highview students are using. This creates a potential safety hazard.

Follow road safety regulations, keep driveways clear, check carefully before reversing and avoid letting your children exit or enter a car whilst on the road or stopped at the crossings. Please do not double park. We all want to keep our families safe so your co-operation is appreciated.

Please observe road rules around our school for the safety of all of our children.

* Schools have 40km zone.

* Parking behind the church & tennis courts is STAFF ONLY parking.

* Please use the children's crossing on Burns, Kars St and Burke St.

* For safety purposes, please avoid letting your children exit or enter a car whilst on the road or stopped at the crossings. Please do not double park. 

Thank you for your co-operation.

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PAM - Parent Access Module


We require ALL families to complete and update their child/ren’s medical details and contact information for 2022 through PAM and throughout the year as changes occur. 

This information is mandatory and vital in the case of an emergency.   It is important that if you have any change to your contact numbers, including work place, mobile, home number, that these be updated through PAM and to advise the school office.

To complete your child/rens medical profile including contact information, go to PAM, click on your child/rens name, go to 'Medical Profile' and click 'Edit Details'. Complete details then click in the box at the bottom of the page to confirm the details are correct and click ‘Update Details’.

If you have any questions or require your login details, please contact the school office.

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All orders must be placed through CDFPay prior to 9.00am Fridays.   Please ensure you complete all orders on CDFPay and proceed through payment screen to the green receipt screen.

Please contact the office if you are having any issues with your CDFPay account. 

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