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Lunch Box Ideas

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Friday Pirate Fun

As a fun way to introduce Grade 1/2’s Inquiry topic (Geography & History) for this Term we had a Pirate Day last Friday.

We dressed as pirates, wrote about pirates, watched a movie and had a treasure hunt!

My New Gallery

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Orders need to be completed via LOOP by Sunday 24th October so all orders can be processed promptly. Any late orders will be accepted until 26th October and Issue 7 will then close but delays may be expected.

There will be one more issue mid term 4 and families are thanked for their ongoing support to Book Club. Every order earns free books and learning resources for the school.

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On behalf of 5/6 Berry we would like to thank and acknowledge everyone who supported the students during STEPtember, raising much needed funding and awareness to support children with Cerebral Palsy. Our class aim was to individually complete 10000 steps each day throughout the thirty days of September. I can happily report that the students managed to complete and log eight million, six hundred and forty nine thousand, seven hundred steps. This equates to over 12000 steps per day, per student. In addition to this phenomenal effort, the students also managed to raise a collective total of over $3000 for the cause.

Outstanding efforts all round! 

 5/6 Berry

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Parents and Friends

Updates of events to be provided during Term 4.

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Students with underlying conditions

Recent and most up to date information for children in schools:

Students with underlying conditions (such as hay fever or asthma)

If a student has persistent symptoms due to an underlying condition such as hay fever or asthma, the student should still be tested for COVID-19 if they develop symptoms that are different to or worse than their usual symptoms. Students whose symptoms are clearly typical for their underlying condition can continue to attend school.

Parents/carers should also consider getting a medical certificate from the child’s treating GP to confirm that it is safe for them to attend school with persistent symptoms that may overlap with some of the symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough or runny nose.

Young children with persistent mild symptoms

For younger children (in Prep to Year 2) who have had a negative COVID-19 test that was taken after they developed symptoms, the decision about return to school should be made in conjunction with the child’s treating GP. If the GP is satisfied the child has recovered from their acute illness, is otherwise well and does not need a repeat COVID-19 test, the child can return even if they are not completely free of symptoms. Any worsening of symptoms will require review and repeat COVID-19 testing, if considered appropriate by the doctor.

Students with a negative COVID-19 test whose symptoms have completely resolved do not need a medical certificate to return to school.

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Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is currently closed until further notice. Orders can continue to be placed through CDFPay and filled once a week.

Special announcement

Together with the School Advisory Council we would like to announce a change to our uniform policy. There will be no designated period for summer or winter uniform. Students can choose what they would like to wear in any season. The only exception is that sports uniform must be worn on designated sports days.

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Child Safety

St. Augustine's Primary School Maryborough demonstrates a strong commitment to the care, safety and wellbeing of all students at our school.

Each fortnight we will be sharing information around child safety and the obligations that we have as a school, staff and community.  All of our Child Safe policies and procedures are accessible on our website at

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Principals Letter

Dear St Augustine's families,

Just when we thought it could not become any more crazy we find our schools with staggered returns and our children wearing masks indoors. It has been lovely to see our junior children back on site and we begin to welcome back the Years 3-6 children from this week. This is truly going to be a very busy term with lots happening so we will keep sending out reminders on Dojo to help.


St Augustine's has always had a specified time when summer and winter uniforms are to be worn. It was discussed and passed at the last School Advisory Council meeting that children/families can choose whether they wear their summer or winter uniform at any time throughout the year. We are wanting and encouraging our children to make good choices and to be independent problem solvers, our rooms are well heated and cooled and it provides a bit of flexibility in these unpredictable seasons.  Sports uniform can only be worn on nominated sports days but there will be no restrictions around summer or winter uniform.  Hats remain compulsory in Term 1 and 4. 


It is with sadness that we farewell two of our staff members at the end of this school year. Miss Justina Shanahan has accepted a teaching position at Sienna PS in her home town of Ballarat and Miss Darcie Seers has accepted a teaching position at St Aloysius PS in Redan. Both Justina and Darcie have been amazing in their roles here at St Augustine's and will be truly missed but we wish them both all the very best for new and exciting opportunities in their new schools. Justina has been at St Augustine's for 7 years in both classroom and Religious Education leadership roles. Darcie came to St Augustine's as a graduate and has been with us for 4 years in a classroom role.
We also congratulate Justina and Toby on their recent engagement and wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness. 

FOUNDATION BREAKFAST - Next Friday 22nd October in the Parish Hall.

As part of our camping experience policy the Foundation children wear their pj's to school, have breakfast at school, are responsible for all their belongings then dress themselves for the days activities.

PUPIL FREE DAYS - Please note that Monday 1st November will be a pupil free day for teacher report writing day (no children will be onsite this day) and then Tuesday 2nd November is a public holiday for the Melbourne Cup.

LITERACY CLOSURE DAY - Wednesday 17th November still remains to be confirmed due to COVID restrictions. This is hosted by an external facilitator so a decision is out of our control.

SWIMMING - Schools are able to participate in swimming lessons provided they are the only school at the pool at any one time. Miss Ryan has organised swimming for all children and we just had to take the most available dates. Dates as follows:

Year F-2     Week 4 - Tuesday 26th -  Friday 29th October.

Year 3 & 4   Week 7 - (2 days) Thursday 18th & Friday 19th November

                         Week 11 -(2 days) Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th December

  Year 5 & 6   Week 6 - Monday 8th - Thursday 11th November

FEES - A final fee statement for 2021 school fees and levies will be sent to all families this week.
Planning for class excursions/incursions is proceeding but very dependent on the guidelines and restrictions.
Parents will be advised full details when these activities are finalised.
It is an expectation that all fees are paid in full by end of November 2021. Fees can be paid via direct credit into the school bank account or at the school office.

Staggered end of day pickup is to resume once all students are back onsite from Tuesday 26th October.  

Fiscalini (Green) leave at 3.10pm via the playground gate

Flanagan (Red) leave at 3.10pm via the tar gate

Arundell (yellow) leave at 3.15pm via the playground gate

Scanlan (blue) leave at 3.15pm via the tar gate



SOCKTOBER - wear your crazy socks to school, Friday 29th October and bring along a gold coin donation. This raises money for Mission month to assist less fortunate children in Thailand. 

‘May all Christians be missionary disciples’

Pope Francis releases his prayer intention for the month of October, calling on everyone to pray that all Christians might be missionary disciples and open to the demands of the Church’s evangelizing mission.The Pope said we are all invited to be open to Jesus’ call and to live united to Him in the mundane events of our daily lives.

Mission month which takes place every October, with 'Mission Week' taking place 25‑29 October. Our school will also be taking part in Socktober this Mission Month - raising funds for children living in poverty in Thailand. Stay tuned for more information on what this will look like. 

Many blessings,

Mrs Sonia Turner


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We have begun our enrolment interviews for 2022 applicants. If your family is not returning to St. Augustine's next year please advise us via email to

Likewise, if you have another child or know of someone who has a school age child for 2022, please contact the school asap.

An 'Application for Enrolment' form, as per link below, needs to be completed and emailed to

Alternatively, forms are also available in the school office.

We will be contacting families in Term 3 when we commence the enrolment interview process. 

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Bus Travel

Bus travel on the country buses is available for students at St Augustine’s School and arrangements are made through the bus co-ordinator, Stephen Broad, at the Maryborough Education Centre on 5461 7900.  Parents of the student/s must organise the pass through MEC at least two days prior to travel. Students cannot travel on the country buses without a pass. The town bus does not require a pass but costs 50cents a trip, payable on the day of travel.  Please advise the office if your child will be travelling on any of the buses so we can update our bus rolls.


All bus travel requires parents/guardians to complete a Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Application for Permission to Travel form prior to any bus travel. This form can be emailed direct to Stephen Broad at MEC, It is important that this form is completed as these details will be used in the event of an emergency.

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Parking & Road Safety

There are three minute parking bays in Burke Street outside the school entrance.  Your co-operation in only parking in this area for the specified time would be appreciated.  These parking bays are for quick pick up and drop off for students leaving early due to appointments and illness.

Likewise we also ask parents to respect the parking restriction on the disabled parking area. 

Please observe road rules around our school for the safety of all of our children.

* Schools have 40km zone.

* Parking behind the church & tennis courts is STAFF ONLY parking.

* Please use the children's crossing on Burns, Kars St and Burke St.

* For safety purposes, please avoid letting your children exit or enter a car whilst on the road or stopped at the crossings. Please do not double park. 

 Thank you for your co-operation.

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PAM - Parent Access Module

We require families to complete and update their child/ren’s medical details and contact information through PAM as changes occur.  This information is mandatory and vital in the case of an emergency.   It is important that if you have any change to your contact numbers, including work place, mobile, home number, that these be updated through PAM.

To complete your child/rens medical profile including contact information, go to PAM, click on your child/rens name, go to 'Medical Profile' and click 'Edit Details'. Complete details then click in the box at the bottom of the page to confirm the details are correct and click ‘Update Details’.

If you have any questions or require your login details, please contact the school office.

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The Canteen will be open this Friday 17th September for the Foundation, Year 1's, Year 2's and any other children onsite for supervision.

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Advanced dates for your diary

2021 School Closure Day

Monday 1st November - Staff Report Writing Day, STUDENTS DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL.

Tuesday 2nd November - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday, STUDENTS DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL.

Wednesday  17th November - Literacy, Staff Personal Development Day (TBC)

Thursday 16th December - Last Day of Term 4 for Students 

2022  Dates - Term 1 

Friday Jan 28th – Staff Day. STUDENTS DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL.

Mon Jan 31st - School Closure Day – Staff PD, Visible Learning. STUDENTS DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL.

Tuesday Feb 1st - Classes commence for all students 

Wednesday Feb 2nd - Foundation rest day

Wednesday Feb 9th - Foundation rest day

Wednesday Feb 16th - Foundation rest day

Wednesday Feb 23rd - Foundation rest day

Wednesday March 2nd - Foundation rest day

Wednesday March 9th - Foundation rest day

Monday  March 14th - Labour Day Public Holiday. STUDENTS DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL.


Wednesday March 23rd - Foundation rest day

Wednesday March 30th - Foundation rest day

Wednesday April 6th - Foundation rest day

Friday 8th April – Last day of Term 1, 2.30pm finish

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