Religious Education


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Our Religious Education program is based on making links for the students to the Catholic Faith traditions and the world they live in now.  We enter into dialogue between faith and culture. This is a chance to renew Catholic identity by reconfiguring it in a new context.

We follow a curriculum designed by the Catholic Education Office Ballarat called Awakenings. The resources of the Awakenings Religious Education Curriculum are provided to support and enliven learning and teaching in Religious Education throughout the Diocese of Ballarat. The challenges of contemporary Catholic schooling are seen as an opportunity to enter more deeply into the intellectual, ethical and spiritual riches of the Catholic tradition, and to seek ways to make those riches available in a respectful dialogue with the world of students and their families.  

  • Welcoming Mass
  • Lent and Easter 
  • Saint Augustine Feast Day
  • Saint Mary Mackillop of the Cross Feast Day 
  • Brigidine Day 
  • Mother's and Father's Day 
  • Sacraments supported by the Parish 
  • Advent and Christmas 
  • Attend Parish Mass on a weekday 
  • Regular prayer and meditations in each classroom
  • Multicultural celebrations  
  • Sport House teams who are named after Parish Priests of our school: Arundell, Fiscalini, Scanlan and Flanagan


The foyer in our school shows the story of St Augustine and the Brigidine nuns. We have the St Brigid’s cross which is woven from rushes, has many stories and rituals. It is a sign of welcome and hospitality. At the heart of the cross is the lamp representing Jesus, the light of the world, Brigid’s perpetual flame and the lamp of learning. The lamp is enclosed by a circle, uniting the four arms of the cross, symbolizing the oneness with God. This emblem is worn by all Brigidine Sisters. We honour the Brigidine Sisters as they started our school and 111 have been involved. Each classroom is named after a Brigidine Sisters who has taught at our school.


St Augustine in our foyer reminding us to live our life to the full.

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